What we do

Not just another subscription box business

What makes Fan Blocks different?

Retail entertainment is our speciality. The Fan Blocks experience doesn’t end with shipped product. It’s a complete online experience. We plan to combine social engagement, online games and contests, digital products as well as great exclusive products to boost your Fan game!

  • Fan Blocks contain premium, fully licensed packaging and contents
  • Our style of engagement provides customer rewards AND audience rewards
  • Unique products with limited availability
  • A satisfaction guaranteed approach to customer care

A loyalty program designed for fans!

Hey, we get it. Your wallet is already stuffed full of point program cards that you never use. That’s why we are developing a different program unlike anything you’ve seen. How?

The Fan Blocks loyalty program is expected to significantly enhance our retail entertainment platform. Because it is completely integrated into the program it actually takes the Fan Blocks experience to a whole new level, with opportunities for Fan-tastic rewards and experiences that go hand in hand with your subscription.

We believe that Fan Blocks audience and customer members should be rewarded in a meaningful way for discovering, engaging, promoting and supporting the company.

fan blocks points – not just for customers

The Fan Blocks points program is designed for customers AND marketing partners. You might be a marketing partner if you:

  • Are an audience member who likes, comments or shares posts about Fan Blocks
  • Are an affiliate, referral or network promoter for Fan Blocks
  • Generate original media content about Fan Blocks, or invent new products to be manufactured or new business practices that help improve Fan Blocks

And Fan Blocks will reward your efforts!

Customers can earn points as a marketing partner, or simply for being a loyal subscriber. Customers also have the opportunity to earn Fan Blocks points by participating in activities that are delivered as part of their subscription box product.

Best of all, the Fan Blocks loyalty program gives customers and marketing partners many options for redeeming their points, including for: product, exclusive rewards, charitable causes, and (through our token program) even cash!

Giving back

We aim to be a force for good. Not as an afterthought or when we get something wrong – but as a core element of who we are and what we do. Every minute, every hour, and every day.

We do right by our audience, our customers, our vendors, our partners, our employees, our shareholders AND our communities. Always.

To Our Fans:

Are you a fan of Fan Blocks? We don’t take your support for granted. We plan to reward it! Through the Fan Blocks loyalty program and support initiatives (e.g. awards, grants, and/or scholarships) , we plan to recognize those that champion our brand and our cause.

To Our Partners:

Our partners allow us to make it happen, not just in business, but in making a difference to our fans and communities. Fan Blocks makes room in our support initiatives to work together with partners to amplify the impact we make through our Fans and in the Community.

To Our Communities:

Fan Blocks is all about creating communities of fans. We love nothing better than seeing people with a shared passion come together around their favourite college or team, and their favorite community improvement cause. We work to incorporate the causes that matter to you into the business that we do!